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[Rozmiar: 37218 bajtów]    I invite you to have a look and read my reports from my travels all over the world. These will be regions lying far away and totally unknown and that have been the untrodden soil of present civilization. In many of the places I was the first man from a different epoch for their inhabitants. I treaded the territories on which the Paleolithic era tribes lived. All my journeys were done by tramping and that allowed me to be independent in the respect of time and due to this I was able to reach the places about the existence of which I learnt while traveling. I got to know, or it would be more appropriate to say, I went through all climate zones of our globe; beginning with the boundless but wonderful Alaska to the distant islands of the Southern Pacific. To cover my way, I used all available means of transport such as for example - I made a comfortable journey on the roof of a pseudo bus, almost fallen into pieces, or on a back of a strange animal looking like a mule. It was important to go forward, to get to know new places, new cultures, new religions. During my journeys there were also stages where I traveled through unknown regions, having only a compass, a destination I headed for and awareness that somewhere at the end there is an aim to be achieved. The most important fact however was having reliable water supplies. As far as food is concerned, my menu consisted of such delicacies as: lizards, snakes, wild rabbits, so everything which was suitable to be fried over a bonfire and constituted a very elegant dinner. Visiting and getting to know Peruvian Indians or the Indians from the Amazon River basin, required the necessity to stay with them for some time. I must admit that I liked their way and style of life which was based on securing safety to family, feeding the whole tribal community that was provided by all its male members; I also admitted the lack of any acts of violence towards others in their lifestyle. How alien these wonderful human features are to us. Moreover all the most interesting places were filmed by me to catch the atmosphere of some events and the way they were happening. On the grounds of the journeys I made I would like to say that the general statement: you need a lot of money to travel is just not true! Everything depends on a man, his mental predispositions to traveling, his health, abilities, organization, inner discipline and cooking skills in non-typical conditions. As an example I can provide a fact that the cost of my 3-months journey I made over Canada from Halifax through Niagara, Calgary, Banf, Edmonton, Jasper, Vancouver, Victoria to Whitehorse was equivalent to 400 Euro not including accommodation and food expenses which also were minimized. The night’s lodgings were located in untypical places such as: on an ice-breaker in Kingston in Canada, were they treated me to a wonderful breakfast in the morning and I could wash my dirty clothes when I got a chance to do it, or at a hotel attached to the prison in Montreal. These are the ways to reduce the traveling costs to a minimum maintaining at the same time decent conditions of living. Of course while traveling I took flights over the oceans by high standard airlines that offered low price tickets, such as magnificent Air New Zeland or Singapore Air Line which surpass by prices all European lines in every respect and traveling standards are luxurious and catering on board during the flight is sensational, not to mention beautiful and charming stewardesses. That is why I want all people who still have some fears of traveling to see the world on their own and not with the help of travel agencies, to abandon the anxieties for ever as you really do not have to pay an excessive price for getting to truly interesting places, more entertaining than the places such as supermarkets or others which offer you little intellectual benefits. It is a good idea to take another person with you for this sightseeing of the world. However you should take into consideration the person’ s character; you do not need a companion who complains about inconveniences or is fussy at eating. Traveling all over the world I found that English is accepted and understood everywhere, however while visiting South American countries it is good to know some Spanish, remembering that this is the continent of Spanish conquistadors. Thus I invite you to travel daringly all over the world and let my reports be an encouragement to you and let them infuse with some courage these who still do not know their minds. I will tell you frankly; it is no use to hesitate as you have only one life and it would be a pity it just went past us, all the more so as the world is really beautiful, the nature magnificent and people themselves wonderful and all you need is the ability to reach them. As far as I am concerned, I am a graduate of the Technical University of Cracow and I had a marvelous daughter Caroline, who is a Masterpiece of My Life and the Greatest Love of My Life.

                                                 With best wishes

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